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Pictureka! is a new kind of game, both in mechanic as in artwork. The mechanic is invigorating with its large square gaming tiles. The game board is composed of 3 by 3 game tiles, so the game board on which is played is a huge square of 63 cm x 63 cm. This is large enough for several players to be able to play the game at the same time. The game board is “alive”, it is not a static board as the tiles are flipped over, turned and moved. So it is not possible to memory map the board. The mechanic of an ever changing board makes it not only fun; also the challenge is kept into the game all the time. Players will have to throw a color dice at the beginning of their turn. According to the color thrown (3 possibilities) they must draw a mission card of the same color. There are 3 kinds of missions. Be the first one to have successfully accomplished 10 missions. Each successful mission gives 1 point, so be the first one to get 10 points.The artwork is something not to be found in ‘standard’ games. The personal drawing style of the artist Eugene makes this a kind of playing artwork.


Product Features:-
■ Find it fast, find it first!
■ Exciting game of visual hide and seek.
■ Players compete to collect the most mission cards to win the game.
■ Great for the whole family, and kids as young as six can play with older kids and parents.
■ 100 different mission cards in 3 categories
■ Includes 9 two-sided gameboard tiles, 108 cards, dice, timer and instructions.
■ For 2 or more people.
■ No batteries required.

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Our Price: Rs./ 499.00

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