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    Annie 6 In 1 Educational Educational Hybrid Solar Energy Kit
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    SKU: ANIR002

    Annie 6 In 1 Educational Educational Hybrid Solar Energy Kit

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    Product Description Easy to assemble as no tools are required to assemble. Motivates the children to learn the concept of clean and green solar energy. Safe, educational and eco-friendly. Most suitable for school projects . Works on both batteries and solar energy. Hybrid solar energy kit teaches the children the benefits of solar energy while they create the toy. This kit is designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor. They will also learn the advantage of natural resources (Sun Energy). This kit will also help in improving their science knowledge, mental and practice ability while they assembling the toy. Children will use the different parts together with hybrid solar energy module and gear box to build six different models such as hybrid solar energy windmill, hybrid solar energy revolving plane, hybrid solar energy puppy, hybrid solar energy airboat, hybrid solar energy car and hybrid solar energy plane. Easy to assemble No tools are required to assemble Most suitable for school projects Can work on both battries and solar power Contains: 1 motor with spring and pinion gear, 1 round shaft, 1 gear with shaft, 1 red wire 9 centimeter, 1 black wire 9 centimeter , 1 hybrid solar panel, 2 button cells, 1 red wire 23 centimeter , 1 black wire 23 centimeter, 2 tray of different plastic parts

    5/17/2016 12:43:08 PM

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