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    Frequently Asked Questions - Loyalty Program

    1. How do I get started with Loyalty?

    In order to start your loyalty program you need to create an "account" with us. Your loyalty program starts as soon as you sign up with us.

    Your account gets upgraded with Loyalty points as soon as you start shopping on

    While registering, you need to click the option "I want to register for loyalty program". This option can be opted even after registration. After registration you need to opt this option under "My Account" page.

    2. How do I track my loyalty points?

    You can track your loyalty points at any time by logging into your account and going to “My Account” section on the top Navigation Bar. Click on My Account and you will see your name and details. There will be a box showing how many Loyalty Points you currently have. You can redeem points anytime against products which are in the loyalty program catalogue.

    3. How do I redeem my points?

    When you make a purchase and proceed to checkout you will see a box with “Loyalty Points”. Enter the amount of points you wish to redeem if the product is part of the loyalty rewards catalogue. If the product is not part of the loyalty program you will not be able to enter any point for redemption. Once you do redeem points it will reduce the amount payable. Continue your checkout.

    4. How are the purchase points calculated?

    For every Rs. 100 (or in multiples of 100s) spent on the purchase of a product, you receive 1 point. Points are also earned for shipping costs.

    5. Do the points expire at any time?

    Points don’t expire while you have an account with us.

    6. What are the minimum points that are needed in order to redeem points?

    There is no minimum limit of redemption points. You have to check the Redemption page if your score qualifies for redemption against any product listed there. If there are not sufficient points than you can wait for a higher reward amount by accumulating points.

    7. What happens if I return a purchase that used loyalty points? Can my loyalty poin ts be refunded to my account?

    Please follow the steps of our return process; once your return has been processed, your points will be added back to your account.

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